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Pay in 3 with PayPal

Purchasing a new gas or electric fire is a significant investment. With PayPal Pay in 3, you can enjoy the comfort of a brand-new fire spread across 3 instalments.

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Debunking myths about wood-burning stoves

Wood-burning stoves have a negative reputation that is simply unearned. But not to worry: these myths can be easily debunked using evidence from HETAS, DEFRA and the Stove Industry Association.

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What fire should I put in my media wall?

Media walls are a trend that’s not going anywhere. As the year progresses, we’re seeing more TV and fire integrations in homes across the world. But why?

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How to dress a fireplace

If you’re looking to unlock your room’s design potential, knowing how to dress a fireplace mantel is the key.

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How Safe Are Electric Fireplaces?

One of the most common questions we get asked by customers is: ‘How safe are electric fires?’ Many are unsure, as electric fires do not have a real flame.

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5 Christmas Mantel Decoration Ideas

It’s that time of year again, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Fires2u. So, put your Santa hats on and dig out your holiday decorations; your home deserves a festive makeover.

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The Best Inset Electric Fires For Your Home

Inset Electric Fires have taken homes by storm. These beautiful designs complete any room with their great heat output and efficiency. If you’re tired of your outdated fire, we’ve compiled a list of the best inset fires to revitalise your home.


Will gas fires be phased out?

With the UK’s commitment to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, many wonder: will gas fires be phased out?


Gas Fire Running Cost Calculator

How can you approximate the running costs of a gas fire? Our gas fire running cost calculator for UK homeowners gives an estimate based on several factors.

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What can you burn in a multi-fuel stove?

Are you in the market for a new, modern fire that will add style and efficiency to your home? If so, a multi-fuel stove is the perfect choice for you. But what type of fuel can you use? And which offers the best efficiency for your home? We’ll walk you through your options to make that decision easier.

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Are Log Burners Eco-Friendly?

According to the Stove Industry Alliance, modern log burners are definitively eco-friendly. They run at a third of the price of electric heating and cost 13% less than gas heating!


The Top 3 Best Elgin and Hall Fires and Fireplaces

It’s time to give your home the centrepiece it deserves. Here at Fires2U, we’re masters of supplying striking fireplaces suites to homeowners across the country. With our recommendations, you can create a cosy atmosphere for any room in your house.


5 Best Freestanding Electric Fires

As winter rolls in and energy bills rise, you may be looking for a low-cost way to heat your home. Keep your home warm and cosy this winter with a beautiful freestanding electric fireplace.

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What Is The Most Realistic Electric Fire?

Fireplace technology in 2022 is miles away from what it used to be, meaning we now have electric fires that are more energy efficient, modern and realistic than the models of fireplace past.


How to light a wood-burning stove

Winter is slowly rolling in, and you’re ready for your roaring fire. Finally, you can settle, watching the flames and relaxing as the world goes by. But wait: do you know how to light a wood-burning stove?


What to put behind a wood-burning stove

Decorating a stove can depend on several factors: the style of the stove, the design of your home, where the fire is and what aesthetic you want to achieve.


9 Best Wood-Burning Stoves Under £1,500

Here at Fires2U, we house a range of high-end, luxurious wood-burning stoves. Perfect as the centrepiece of any room, our selection covers an extensive range of personal tastes. Whether you prefer a traditional wooden finish or a sleek marble hearth, we dedicate ourselves to making your home even more beautiful.

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Wood Burning Stove Regulations: A Simple Guide

Before you set your sights on the perfect stove, there are a few regulations that you need to catch up on. For example, what is EcoDesign, energy labelling, and how does it change which wood-burning stoves you can purchase?

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