How to light a wood-burning stove

Winter is slowly rolling in, and you’re ready for your roaring fire. Finally, you can settle, watching the flames and relaxing as the world goes by. But wait: do you know how to light a wood-burning stove?


What to put behind a wood-burning stove

Decorating a stove can depend on several factors: the style of the stove, the design of your home, where the fire is and what aesthetic you want to achieve.


9 Best Wood-Burning Stoves Under £1,500

Here at Fires2U, we house a range of high-end, luxurious wood-burning stoves. Perfect as the centrepiece of any room, our selection covers an extensive range of personal tastes. Whether you prefer a traditional wooden finish or a sleek marble hearth, we dedicate ourselves to making your home even more beautiful.

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Wood Burning Stove Regulations: A Simple Guide

Before you set your sights on the perfect stove, there are a few regulations that you need to catch up on. For example, what is EcoDesign, energy labelling, and how does it change which wood-burning stoves you can purchase?

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