Kinder Gas Fires

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Kinder gas fires are some of the most modern and finest on the market today. They offer high efficiency, amazing warmth and come in a range of designs and styles to match anyone’s aesthetic. Manufactured in the UK, Kinder fires have a reputation for quality and outstanding innovation when it comes to their designs. 

At fires2u, we sell some of the finest modern kinder gas fires in the UK, offering free delivery direct from the manufacturer, quickly matching your lifestyle with a stunning Kinder gas fire that is sure to add a touch of class to any room in your home.

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Kinder Nevada Slimline Gas Fire

With its ultra slim design, the Kinder Nevada slimline gas fire will fit beautifully into almost any fireplace. With the natural ambient glow of real-effect coals and flames, this slimline gas fire will suit your lifestyle. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control or slide control
  • Heat Output (max): 3.1kW
Kinder Nevada Plus HE open fronted gas fire

The Kinder Nevada Plus HE open fronted gas fire is one of the most efficient open-fronted slimline gas fires available today and with a heat output of up to 4kW it is also one of the warmest products. 

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide or Remote
  • Heat Output (max): 4.0kW
Kinder Nevada HE High Efficiency Gas Fire

The Kinder Nevada HE High Efficiency gas fire is a slimline high efficiency gas fire with an incredible 81.3% net efficiency and maximum heat output of 2.9kW. This gas fire features a large viewing window. 

  • Control Type: Manual or Slide Control
  • Heat Output (max): 2.9kW
Kinder Kalahari gas fire

The Kinder Kalahari living flame effect gas fire instantly brings a room to life. This market leading radiant offers a real open fire look and incorporates a full depth ceramic coal bed for beautifully realistic flames. 

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide or Remote Control
  • Heat Output (max): 2.7kW
Kinder Oasis Gas Fire

The Kinder Oasis gas fire is a living flame effect gas fire successfully marries classic looks with state-of-the-art performance and is one of the warmest open-fronted convector gas fires on the market. 

  • Control Type: Manual or slide
  • Heat Output (max): 3.7kW
Kinder Kalahari Plus HE Open Fronted Gas Fire

The Kinder Kalahari Plus high efficiency gas fire boast an impressive 68.3 % efficiency and produces 4.2kW heat output. This open-fronted HE gas fire features a highly realistic coal fuel effect and is available as a manual, slide or remote control. 

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide or Remote Control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.2kW
Kinder Black Magic Gas fire

The Kinder Black Magic gas fire is a modern coal effect inset gas fire. Providing the finishing touch to this stunning design is the contemporary fascia which is made from high quality extruded aluminium. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 2.7kW
Kinder Oasis Plus HE Open Fronted gas fire

The Kinder Oasis Plus HE open fronted gas fire is our first full depth open-fronted high efficiency gas fire. You can now achieve the look of a real open coal fire at an incredible 66.7 % efficiency. 

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide, Remote
  • Heat Output (max): 4.1kW
Kinder Camber Gas fire

The Kinder Camber gas fire with its striking looks, clean design lines and highly realistic blazing dancing flames will captivate you on entering the room. This gas fire is precision manufactured and, with its deep coal fuel bed. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 2.7kW
Kinder Kalahari HE High Efficiency Gas Fire

The Kinder Kalahari HE High Efficiency gas fire comes with either coal fuel bed or pebble fuel bed  for additional price option. This glass fronted HE gas fire product is available with Kinders trim and fret or fascia combinations

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide or Remote Control
  • Heat Output (max): 3.4kW
Kinder Oasis HE High Efficiency Gas Fire

Based on Kinders most popular hearth mounted gas fire, the Kinder Oasis HE High Efficiency gas fire is the first model in the Kinder 'high efficiency' gas fire range. The Kinder Oasis HE gas fire has an incredible 86.3% efficiency.

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide Control or Remote Control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.0kW
Kinder Camber Plus Open Fronted HE Gas Fire

The Kinder Camber Plus Open Fronted HE gas fire is certainly a contemporary classic with a wonderfully sleek design that will never go out of fashion. This open-fronted HE gas fire provides an incredible 4.2kW heat output.

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.2kW
Kinder Camber HE High Efficiency gas fire

The stylish silver fascia combined with a black back panel and coal fuel bed make the Kinder Camber HE gas fire a welcome centre-piece in any modern living room. Boasting a net efficiency of 84.3%. 

  • Control Type: Manual or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 3.4kW
Kinder Dakota HE Balanced flue Gas Fire

The Kinder Dakota HE balanced flue gas fire has been designed exclusively as a slimline balanced flue for easier installation into a standard external wall. The has a stylish glass front which is instantly eye-catching. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 2.7kW
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Kinder Fires are one of the top UK manufacturers, and it’s not difficult to see why. Since its inception, Kinder has committed to innovation and excellence in design, investing heavily in research and development. Kinder are at the forefront of a competitive market, standing head and shoulders above the competition with their unbeatable high-efficiency gas fires and balanced flue gas fires

As a leading independent fireplace warehouse, Fires2U is honoured to offer our customers a vast range of Kinder products. Choose a contemporary chrome, ultra-slim gas fire to complement your modern living room or keep your period home traditional with a classic gas fireplace

Manufacturing for Kinder Gas Fires takes place in Stoke-on-Trent, a west-central area of the UK. Inside their state-of-the-art facility, industry-leading products are created using only the finest materials and components. Then, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the company's exacting standards.

Safety Standards

The cost of perfection is never too high, and Kinder Fires has consistently upheld its commitment to customer satisfaction. That’s why each fireplace features a Flame Supervision Device (FSD): this detects the presence of a flame and, in the absence of that flame, prevents the uncontrolled release of gas to the burner. If you purchase a conventional flue model, your fire will feature an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) that shuts off the gas supply to the main burner in the unlikely event of a fault. All Kinder Gas Fires have safety features to reduce the risk of fires and protect you, your home and your new unit from harm.

With each new product release, Kinder Fires set the standard for what a modern-day gas fire should look like. They pay attention to detail during manufacturing and put the finishing touch on each fire with beautiful exterior designs. Take, for example, their stunning new Oasis range. You’ll be amazed by their open-fronted convector gas fires, perfect for warming up even the coldest of rooms. Models like the Kinder Oasis Gas Fire have exemplary performance, producing 3.7kW of radiant for your home from its stylish coal-effect fuel bed.

The Oasis product range houses some of the best gas fireplaces on the market, with the Kinder Oasis Plus HE Open-Fronted Gas Fire serving as an excellent example. Achieve the look and feel of a real coal fire with this full-depth open-fronted product, complete with a heat output of 4.1kW and is 67% efficient to run. You can even customise your purchase by selecting from a selection of trims and frets or one piece fascia. When you choose Kinder Gas Fires at Fires2U, the options are limitless. Not only will your fireplace perfectly complement your aesthetic, but it could also help you save money on energy costs. Kinder fires set industry standards day by day with their high-efficiency creations. Products marked with “HE” and “Plus” in their title signal the fireplace’s exceptional heat output and lower running costs when compared to standard gas fires. 

Gas fires generate instant heat without a lengthy warm-up time, and you can control them to adjust the temperature and flame size as needed. At the same time, Kinder Gas Fires have features that help reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency. For example, some models have heat-resistant glass panels that help to retain heat within the room; others come with advanced burner technology that maximises heat output while minimising fuel consumption.

Plus, all Kinder Gas Fires are independently tested, approved and verified by the British Standards Institution (BSI). They conform to the Eco design directive Commission Regulations and have the highest quality, performance and energy efficiency standards. So if you're in the market for a new gas fireplace, there's never been a better time to consider Kinder Fires. With years of industry experience, Kinder Fires is a trusted brand known for its innovative designs, exceptional quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction.