Gas Fires for Sale

We stock a wide range of fantastic gas fires for sale online which are both modern and contemporary, from some of the best industry brands, including DRUFlavel and Crystal to name just a few. So take a look around and see if there's a gas fire for you to buy - and don't forget - we also stock a brilliant selection of hole in wall gas fires for those who aren't looking for a traditional gas fire.

At Fires2U, our products are all tried and tested to ensure that you receive the best warming glow. Our variety of stunning gas fires are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, meaning you’ll receive nothing less than perfection. Did you know that gas fires can come in various designs which include; hole in wallinset into an existing open fireplace or a stove design? They all can always be switched on with manual controls however some gas fires can be upgraded and a remote control can be purchased, making them extremely easy to use.

Not sure if a gas fire is for you? We can assure you that our stunning range of products looks great in any room all year round, so whether you need a free-standing gas fire or something more modern and inset into your wall, let Fires2U make your interior design dreams come true today.

Looking for something a little more traditional? Why not opt for a gas stove? These beautiful fires can be installed within a conventional flue or some models are flueless or balanced flue, meaning you don’t need to spend money on a renovation for the fireplace of your dreams. Alternatively, check out our high-efficiency gas fires, which can help you to reduce your carbon footprint!

Gas Fires for Sale FAQs

What are the benefits of modern gas fires?

Firstly, modern gas fires provide instant heat into your home - you do not have to wait around waiting for it to heat up. With some models you can even control the heat with a remote control, so you can sit back and relax rather than having to attend to the fire. Additionally, there is no mess involved with gas fires so you will not have to worry about ash.

Each of our modern gas fires is tailored to look great in any home with stunning real flames, but you can also customise some models further with additional design options in different colours etc.

Are Gas Fires Energy-Efficient?

Contemporary gas fires have been designed to be much more energy-efficient, so you can heat up the room it is fitted in hassle free. 

Fires2U specially designed high-efficiency gas fires provide you with a near-instant increase in temperature. Also, as the efficiency rating of this range goes up to 90% - it means saving you money in the long run on your bills. 

What Heat Output Can I Expect From My New Gas Fire?

Here at Fires2U we have a range of different gas fires with varying levels of heat outputs from 2.9kW at the lower end up to 5.2kW at the top end. The DRU gas fire range even goes up to massive 16kW heat output!

Higher heat output gas fires can produce higher temperatures in your home, which is perfect for cold winters. However, there are still benefits to choosing a fire with lower heat output as it will consume less energy. This is ideal if you’re planning to install the gas fire in a smaller room and want a real flame fire as the focal point.

How Easy Is It To Install a Gas Fire?

A standard gas fire is easy to install and it usually only takes around 2 hours to complete the job. If you are replacing an old fire, you should also factor in the time for removal. Nonetheless, it will not take a professional gas safe fitter long to complete the installation for you. For each product on our website, you can click on the Installation Guide button and download the complete installation information for the gas fire. This allows you to check if it will be suitable for your home with your gas safe fitter before you purchase.

What Styles and Designs Do You Stock?

We offer many different options when it comes to style and design. We have inset gas fires, which are inserted into your chimney breast wall and come with either fascia’s or trims & fret options.

But we also offer outset gas fires, which have a more traditional style. These outset fires will make them a more noticeable feature in the room. Also, all our radiant outset gas fires are super-efficient and allow more heat to be efficiently distributed into the room they are installed in.

We have hole in the wall gas fires which do not require a fireplace but need to be installed within a brick chimney. However, if you pick a balanced flue hole in the wall gas fire, a false chimney breast can be built to allow it to be installed into this. 

We also stock modern gas fires in different colours and designs, so you can find the perfect combination to complement the room it will be fitted in.

What are the Different Types of Gas Fires?

We have several different types of gas fires from just our standard gas models including balanced flue, flueless and LPG.

Balanced flue gas fires use a combustion system that is closed which means wasted energy is kept to a very low minimum. These are among the most energy-efficient fires on the market. They use 2 pipes - one drawing fresh air from the outside and another to remove combustion gases.

Flueless gas fires are another go-to option for houses that do not have a chimney and just need appropriate ventilation in the room they are installed in.

LPG fires are suitable for homes that do not have mains gas supply and instead have liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). LPG gas fires are also an environmentally friendly option as they give off fewer emissions.

Do all Living Flame Gas Fire Need a Hearth?

Hole in wall living flame gas fires do not require a hearth as long as your gas safe installer fits the appliance per the installation information provided with the fire (it also can be downloaded from Fires2U website or emailed if requested).

What Features Can I Choose From?

Nearly all our gas fires come standard with manual controls however some offer the option of controlling the fire with either a slide control or a remote control. Additionally, with some fires, you can choose if you would like a pebble, coal or even log effect. This does not affect the temperature or performance as it is a styling feature. You can also choose between fascia’s, trims and fret.

Why Buy From Fires2U?

Fires2U is the best option to go with if you are looking to purchase a modern gas fire. With a 4.9 rating or Trustpilot and an abundance of top customer reviews, we will satisfy your every fire-related need.

Furthermore, we offer mainland UK delivery included in our prices as well as a 14-day return policy. To go a step further, each fire also comes with a manufacturer guarantee warranty (duration varies per product).

We can offer you the best deals for any gas fire. Additionally, we offer a competitive price match, so you can be confident you are getting the best price on the market.