How to clean fireplace glass in 2 easy ways

Date Published: June 24th, 2022

A real fire in the home is the ultimate way to create a cosy, intimate and ambient atmosphere, but it generally takes a little bit of effort on your part to keep it working and looking its best if it’s an older model. Knowing how to clean fireplace glass, especially on stoves, ensures that you’ll always have the best view to watch the flames dancing away and will guarantee your fire always looks its best.

Cleaning and maintaining the actual fire is something that you’ll need to consult the guidebook on, but with these simple and easy steps, we ensure that you can clean fireplace glass quickly and will little fuss.

If you have a new modern fire stove fitted, then it’s likely that it has been designed with self-cleaning glass using Airwash Technology. In other words, it only needs to be cleaned once a year by a HETAS solid fuel installer - as they’ve been designed better and don’t get dirty. So, it’s always worth checking, as you may not need to know how to clean fireplace glass on your stove after all.

What is Airwash Technology?

Modern fire stoves, like the new Eco Gallery Firefox stove, are designed with Airwash Technology. This clever design brings a flow of air into the firebox from a vent above the glass panel. The air is then immediately forced directly downwards over the inside of the door, creating a layer of air that ‘washes’ over the glass at all times.



Price: £581

With the constant flow of air, the flames and gases don’t get into contact with the glass, helping to prevent tar from building up and causing the glass to get dirty. This negates the need to clean fireplace glass.

Since being able to see the real flames is one of the best parts of having a fire, and since having a piece of grubby glass sitting in your living room doesn’t look particularly nice, Airwash saves you a lot of hard work trying to get your glass clean.

How to clean fireplace glass on your stove

If your stove isn’t designed with Airwash technology, then you might benefit from these easy steps on how to clean fireplace glass on your stove.

Clean fireplace glass using ash

Use the ash created from the fire to help keep the glass clean and clear in this simple solution. Use a damp paper towel, or even some newspaper, and dip it into the ashes. Then simply wipe the glass, using circular motions to help loosen up the soot. Depending on how stained the glass is you might need to do this several times over.

Once loosened, you can then use a regular glass cleaner to ensure that the class is clear and streak-free.

Clean fireplace glass using a commercial cleaner

There are plenty of fireplace glass cleaning solutions that you can buy. Simply follow the instructions on one of these if you’d prefer and use this to keep your fireplace glass gleaming.

If you don’t want to have to clean your fireplace glass

As we mentioned above, there’s usually no need for cleaning your fireplace glass with modern designed stoves that use Airwash Technology. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your current stove in the home, it might be worth taking a look at those that include this technology to save yourself a job and ensure that you can always see the calming effect of the flickering flames.

The Portway Arundel XL multifuel stove is a great upgrade to make. The extra-large window ensures that you get a gorgeous glowing effect in the room it's installed. Plus, the Airwash technology guarantees that you’ll always be able to see the flames clearly.



Price: £688

Another beautiful stove is the Dik Geurts Ivar 5. A sleek contemporary design that has a large viewing window with Airwash technology which ensures you’ll never need to know how to clean fireplace glass.



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