Outset Gas Fires

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Outset gas fires protrude outside of the fireplace opening. They’re the opposite to inset gas appliances, which fit inside the opening of a back panel. Outset models typically come with radiant bars or a living flame effect that fills your room with a warm glow. However, they weren’t always so charming. Gas fireplaces have come a long way since the 1800s, improving in beauty and mechanics.

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Flavel Regent LFE Gas fire

Stylish elegance and practicality sum up the Flavel Regent gas fire living flame effect fire. The Flavel Regent LFE gas fire flickering flames and glowing coals.  This gas fire can come with manual electronic side control or remote control.

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 3.3kW
Flavel Regent Radiant HE gas fire

The Flavel Regent radiant gas fire is one of the most popular radiant fires in the UK. The Flavel Regent gas fire is slim for a neat fit and is highly efficient for low running costs.

  • Control Type: Manual Control (electronic side control)
  • Heat Output (max): 4.5kW
Flavel Welcome Radiant HE Gas Fire

The Flavel Welcome gas fire has a beautiful, electrically illuminated coal effect at the front of the fire which brings life to the room it is fitted in, even if the fire is turned off.

  • Control Type: Manual Control (electronic side control)
  • Heat Output (max): 4.5kW
Flavel Strata Radiant HE Gas Fire

The Flavel Strata radiant gas fire offers an incredible energy efficiency of 82.0 % and heat output of 5.2kW. Featuring a stylish soft curved design, it offers a real alternative to most radiants and is available in black, brown or cream

  • Control Type: Top Control
  • Heat Output (max): 5.2kW
Flavel Misermatic Radiant HE Gas fire

The real wood cased Misermatic flavel gas fire features an incredible 84% net efficiency and a 5.2kW heat output. Available in a choice of five colour finishes this fire can be wall hung or hearth mounted. 

  • Control Type: Manual control (Top Control electronic ignition)
  • Heat Output (max): 5.2kW
Flavel Firenza Radiant HE Gas Fire

The compact and economical Firenza can be wall hung or hearth mounted and has a control located on the top of the fire for ease of use. Flavel Firenza gas fire which is up 80.1 % efficient

  • Control Type: Manual Top Control
  • Heat Output (max): 3.8kW
Flavel Renaissance Radiant HE Gas fire

The Flavel Renaissance radiant gas fire provides a natural talking point the moment you enter the room. The Flavel Renaissance High Efficiency gas fire has a stylish retro design, which is matched by its forward thinking efficiency (82%). 

  • Control Type: Top Control
  • Heat Output (max): 5.2kW
Valor Black Beauty Slimline HE Gas Fire

The Black Beauty range is exceptionally efficient and economical, boasting a 4.0kW heat output with an efficiency of 81%. Available as a living flame model, the Black Beauty harks back to a vintage style of outset gas fires.

  • Control Type: Side Control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.0kW
Valor Heartbeat Gas Fire

At home in any room, the stylish Valor Heatbeat gas fire boasts excellent heat output, advanced safety standards, exceptional reliability, high efficiency and easy operation. The stylish glass front of the Valor Heartbeat gas fire.

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 3.6kW
Valor Valentia Balanced Flue gas fire

The Valor Valentia balanced flue gas fire combines impressive efficiency with a powerful heat output to provide affordable warmth for those homes that do not have a chimney. Available in a classic black design with chrome finish, it boasts 88%.

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 3.57 kW
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In the late 19th century, homes would find warmth using a gas burner to heat a cast-iron carcass. It’s hard to believe this simple invention would lead us to today’s modern outset gas fires. During the 1980s, manufacturers began experimenting with ‘living flame effect’ models, another way to describe how outset fires produce heat. The combustion efficiency of early models was poor, and the devices came with no safety features. That was until manufacturers like Valor and Flavel made strides in burner development. Now, modern outset gas fires can produce a dazzling flame effect without consuming gas at excessive rates.

How do outset gas fires work?

Outset gas fires work by drawing in air from your room for combustion. They then release gases that, when combined with air, produce a radiant heat output. Typically, this process is hidden behind a panel for safety. Outset gas fires in the UK often have radiant bars, a classic feature of older models that remains popular today. 

What are the benefits of outset gas fires?

  1. High heat output

When winter sets in, you'll appreciate the high heat output of this type of fire. Take the Flavel Firenza Radiant HE, for example. This high-efficiency fire has a heat output of 3.8kW and an efficiency of 80.1%, meaning your home will be flooded with warmth soon after the appliance is activated. Outset gas fires are well-known for their impressive heat production and are excellent for keeping you cosy all year round.

  1. Low maintenance

Gone are the days of messing with ash and soot. If you lead a busy life, outset fires are the convenient heating option you need. With a quick wipe-down and occasional glass cleaning, your fire will remain a shining addition to your living space. Just remember to schedule yearly maintenance with a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

  1. Adjustable controls

Modern outset gas fires let you control your comfort. In recent years, manufacturers have heard customers' calls for easier operation and created new models with greater options. You can control heat and ignition with a single rotary motion when you purchase a fire like the Flavel Renaissance Radiant. This top-control electric ignition means you don’t have to worry about pushing down and twisting the ignition to light the gas fire.

Or, you can purchase a gas fire like the Flavel Misermatic Radiant HE, with an easy grip control attachment. This is perfect for homeowners with arthritis or joint problems and allows you to move the control knob with ease.

  1. Safe to use

Modern outset gas fires are much safer than models created in the 1980s-90s. For example, esteemed manufacturers Valor and Flavel equip all their outset gas fires with an Airwatch system: this monitors the presence of a flame and, if extinguished, cuts off the gas supply. 


  1. Are outset gas fires easy to install?

Yes, they are!, Your local Gas Safe Registered engineer can usually get your appliance up and running in no time, especially if you had an outset gas fire before. 

  1. Are outset gas fires energy efficient?

Outset fires have an efficiency between 70-90%, meaning they’re excellent at minimising heat loss and keeping gas costs low. 

  1. Are outset gas fires low maintenance?

Absolutely! Outset fires are known for their low-maintenance nature. Unlike traditional wood-burning fires, there's no need to clean up ash and soot. An occasional replacement of a radiant is all that’s usually required to keep your fire looking its best.