Crystal Gas Fires

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Crystal Fires have spent more than three decades perfecting their trade, ensuring that they are a go-to brand when it comes to stunning gas fires in the home.

Two brothers, Chris and Ian, combined their knowledge and opened their first retail store in Liverpool in 1990, and since then they have cemented their reputation and become a well-known brand for gas fires. Combining their skills as a gas service engineer and a sheet metal worker, they have managed to create stylish and efficient award-winning gas fires including hole in the wall models.

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Crystal Boston Wide HE High Efficiency Hole in the Wall gas fire

The Crystal Boston Wide is a high efficiency glass fronted gas fire capable of providing up to 4.3kW of heat output and is approx 77% efficient. This Crystal gas fire is the best looking flame patterns.

  • Control Type: Manual or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.3kW
Crystal Diamond Gas Fire

The Crystal Diamond gas fire is a Precast model which is only 100mm deep, with its 3.9kw output, it makes it one of the hottest slimline gas fires on the market today.

  • Control Type: Manual or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 3.2kW
Crystal Boston HE High Efficiency Hole in Wall Gas Fire

The Crystal Boston is a stylish, British made gas fire has now been updated and boasts convected heat, greater efficiency and comes with either manual controls or a remote control option.

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.3kW
Crystal Slimline Radiant Contemporary Gas Fire

THe slimline radiant gas fire is a contemporary gas fire with coal or pebble fuel effect. This gas fire produces 3.9kW of heat and you can pick from a choice of frets and trims or fascias.

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide or Remote
  • Heat Output (max): 3.2kW
Crystal Jewel Inset Fire Tray

The Crystal Jewel 16" tapered Gas Fire tray with either a Coal or pebble fuel bed can come on its own or with one of the stunning crystal fire frets which are 16" inches in width.

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): up to 3.9kW depending on enclosure fitted in
Crystal Super Heatrave Radiant Gas Fire

The Crystal Super radiant gas fire can come with a Contemporary finish fascia as shown in the main picture or wide selection of chrome, brass or black trims and frets or fascias. 

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide or Remote
  • Heat Output (max): 3.3kW
Crystal Gem Inset Fire Tray

The Crystal Gem 16" tapered Gas Fire tray with a coal fuel bed or pebbles fuel bed can come on its own or with one of the stunning crystal fire frets which are approx 16" inches in width.

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): up to 4.2kW depending on enclosure fitted into
Crystal Montana Royale Hole in Wall 4 Sided HE Gas Fire

The Crystal Montana Royale HIW HE gas fire produces up to 4.0kW maximum heat output and comes with a Coal, pebble or Log fuel bed and either manual controls or a remote control

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.0kW
Crystal Slimline Radiant Traditional Gas Fire

The Crystal Slimline radiant gas fire is a traditional gas fire with a choice of coal or pebbles fuel bed and can either come with a black or brass trim and lovely selection of crystal frets. 

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide or Remote
  • Heat Output (max): 3.2kW
Crystal Royale Hole In Wall 4 Sided Gem Gas fire

Crystal Royale is attractive Open Fronted hole in the wall gas fire which incorporates the Crystal Gem gas fire which produces an impressive 4.2kW of heat, and has a manual or remote control option. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.2kW
Crystal Option Hole in the Wall gas fire

This is a range cleverly consisting of five different Crystal fascias. All the pictures of the Crystal Option gas fire range on this page are shown with the Crystal Gem open fronted gas fire. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.0kW
Crystal Gem Gas Fire

Crystal Gem gas fire is an open fronted gas fire with a has a high output of 4.1kW maximum heat output. This gas fire can come with manual control, remote control or high level top control. 

  • Control Type: Manual, Slide or Remote
  • Heat Output (max): 4.2kW
Crystal Royale 3 sided Gem gas fire

The Crystal Royale is attractive 3 sided inset gas fire which incorporates the Crystal Gem gas fire and produces an impressive 4.2kW of heat and is open fronted fire is available in several finishes

  • Control Type: manual and remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.2kW
Crystal Montana HE High Efficiency Gas Fire

The Crystal Montana HE gas fire produces up to 4.0kW maximum heat output and comes with a coal fuel bed , pebble fuel bed or a log fuel bed and manual controls or remote control option.

  • Control Type: manual controls or remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.0kW
Crystal Montana Royale 3 sided HE High Efficiency Gas Fire

Crystal fire Montana Royale 3 sided gas fire High Efficiency gas fire comes with a beautiful Fascia which can comes in several different finishes, so suitable for any colour scheme you may have in your home. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.0kW
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Innovation in fireplace manufacturing

With over 33 years of experience, Crystal Fires knows what works and what doesn't. The brand’s industry knowledge means they always concentrate on the two pillars of fireplace manufacturing: build quality and product efficiency. The combined know-how of its co-creators, Chirs and Ian Connelly, has led to the company’s prosperous 30-year history. They excel at innovation, adding new product lines that customers can’t wait to get their hands on. From initial ideas to manufacturing to the finished product, Crystal Fires work with CE testing houses to secure development approvals and licensing for their exciting new lines. Not to mention, the award-winning status of Crystal gas fires is a testament to their adaptability. Browse their products, and you’ll find a plethora of fires perfect for every home: glass-fronted, open-fronted and hole-in-the-wall models are all available for you to purchase. 

Plus, you can customise any purchase for the ultimate customised fireplace. Do you prefer a traditional aesthetic? Keep things simple by selecting a polished brass fret. Or, kick your contemporary home up a notch with a modern, chromatic trim. You can even choose from various fuel effects with Crystal Gas Fires for the perfect finishing touch. Choose from multi-colour pebbles, coal, or authentic-looking logs for a dreamy winter wonderland vibe. Not only will your fireplace look great, but it’s designed with the planet in mind. Since 2014, Crystal Fires have moved in a high-efficiency direction, crafting gas fireplaces that meet energy standards head-on.

High-efficiency gas fireplaces with style

Get the most out of your investment by choosing a fireplace with an astonishing 80% efficiency rating! Unlike other kinds of units, gas fireplaces are often a much cheaper option for home heating. They produce heat via their own independent source. Choose one of Crystal Fires’ open-fronted models, and convected warm air will be pulled underneath the fire, heated by a heat exchanger and dispersed into your room through the canopy and fuel bed. Or, you could opt for a stylish glass-fronted high-efficiency model for maximum style and savings. Once switched on, your fireplace will push warm air through its glass panel to minimise heat loss through the chimney. What’s more, Crystal Gas Fires are incredibly easy to use. Operate your new unit via simple manual controls that allow you to switch it on and off. Or, if you’re a couch surfer, you can pay extra for a convenient remote! 

No more getting up from the sofa: relax and let your Crystal Fires remote control do all the work. With the push of a button, you can transform your home into a cosy haven. Here at Fires2U, we offer either option for the ultimate convenience. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on several of the Crystal Fires product ranges, and, as a leading supplier of fireplaces, we house the Boston, Gem and Montana lines. The Boston gas fire range comprises high-efficiency hole-in-the-wall units that take style and efficiency to the next level. The Crystal Boston Wide has an impressive 77% efficiency rating and has one of the best-looking flame patterns on the market. But efficiency isn't the only thing that sets the Crystal Boston Wide HE apart. Its sleek and modern design will surely make a statement in any room. The fire's wide format provides a panoramic view of the flames, a focal point your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off.

Customisable gas fireplaces from Crystal Fires

You can find more Crystal Fires remote control units in the Montana range (please note the remote control option is always an additional cost option), where each gas fire has an efficiency rating of over 80%! Customise your purchase by choosing from the several coloured fascias which can come in either Black Sparkle, Cream, Brushed Steel, Champagne or many of our customers really love the Mink finish that Crystal also does, when picking the Royale fascia option in this Crystal gas fire range. Or, you could browse the Gem range, which is an open-fronted gas fire and can come with the Option hole-in-the-wall gas fire and is suitable for households that have a brick chimney. An investment with Crystal Fires will save you money and craft a warm, welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.