Electric Fires for Sale

If our wide selection of gas fires isn't for you then maybe you'll find a more suitable option within our diverse range of electric fires for sale. We stock beautiful modern styles, log effect, insets, hole in the wall and freestanding electric fires among many other styles. We're certain that we'll have a suitable solution for you here at Fires2U. Go ahead, take a look around and see if we have an electric fire that's perfect for you.

Electric Fires FAQ

Are electric fires expensive to run?

Despite the common misconception, all modern electric fires are now not expensive to run, as they are highly efficient and also, they can be operated independently of the heating function allowing you to enjoy the homely, warming ambience of a flickering fireplace whatever the weather and even in summer months. Also, electric fires do not cost much to install as many customers actually install them themselves.

Do electric fires use a lot of electricity?

Contemporary electric fires use a similar amount of electricity as a heater. Our electric fires for sale are mostly 1.5kW or 2.0kW models, though we do have products with a heat output of 1.6kW or 1.8kW. While some people might worry that heating their homes with electricity will cost them more money, it’s worth considering that electric fires are fully efficient which means all heat is used to warm up the room. Furthermore, without the need to spend money on installation or routine maintenance, these fires can be even cheaper to run long term than gas fires.

Which are the best electric fires to buy?

At Fires2U, we have a fantastic selection of the best electric fires for sale on the market right now. No matter what your budget is or what your preferences are, we have got you covered. Here are some of our favourite brands:

  • British fires New Forest electric fires may be the new guys on the block but they are fast becoming one of the top brands on the market. It is unlikely you will see a list of the top most realistic electric fires without seeing this name popping up at least once. They are luxurious, efficient and look stunning in our customers’ homes.

  • Flamerite is another top brand, which sells aesthetically pleasing fires that are also environmentally friendly. We offer both traditional and contemporary electric fires from Flamerite. Also, this brand has a 4.9 star rating for their customer service from Trustpilot reviews.

  • Elgin and Hall is also another fantastic brand with a huge selection of electric fires that cover all style preferences. Whilst some of the fireplace suites are on the higher budget side, they are a great option that will look and work perfectly for many years. Also, this brand offers a two-man delivery service on the electric fireplace suite range, which means the goods will be delivered into your home.

We only stock fires of the highest quality which have the best appearance and efficiency for our customers and all our fires and fireplaces come with manufacturer warranties.

Which are the most realistic electric fires?

Some of the best realistic electric fires include the British fires New Forest 1600 model, the Elgin & Hall 52" Pryzm Cabrina Marble Electric Fireplace Suite and the Flamerite Glazer 1500 electric fire.

What are freestanding modern electric fires?

Freestanding modern electric fires and stoves are a great way to heat your home. These are some of the easiest fires to use, as you only need to plug them in and you are ready to go! We have a great selection of different designs for freestanding electric fires, so whether you prefer a more modern or a more traditional look, we have got something to fit in with your taste and budget.

Are electric fires warm?

Many of our customers ask us whether electric fires are as warm as gas fires. While they do heat up a small to medium-sized room nicely, electric fires have a maximum heat output of 2kW (some models less). Gas fires, meanwhile, can offer twice as much heat. However, electric models are a great addition to your central heating and can quickly warm up the room they are fitted in, before your central heating kicks in. They are 100% efficient which means that all of the energy is converted to heat.

What should I look for when buying an electric fire?

One feature that you should consider when buying an electric fire is its style and design. At Fires2U, we have a great selection of various styles, so whether you are looking for a modern or traditional style fire we have something for you.

We also offer different designs, such as a hole in the wall electric fire, inset models, hang on the wall electric fires, electric stoves, freestanding fires and complete electric fireplaces. All are fantastic options, and the one you choose will depend on the space you are working with. For example, if you only have a small room, then you should consider a hole in the wall electric fire as it will not take up any extra space.

There are other things that you should consider, such as if you want the fire to be remote control operated, if you would like the flame to be LED, the maximum heat output and the duration of the manufacturer's guarantee.

How easy is it to install an electric fire?

Electric fires usually take no more than a few hours to install and freestanding fires and stoves just need to be plugged in. Also, all of our products have safety features which means they will always cut out in the event of overheating so you can be sure your electric fire is always safe to use.

Why buy from Fires2U?

Fires2U has the best electric fires for sale in the UK if you are looking for amazing quality, top prices and a hassle-free process. With a 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot, we are second to none!

We are dedicated to providing the best deals for our customers. We offer a price match so that you can be confident that you are getting the best deal on the market. To further extend your savings, we will deliver your order to you for free (within the UK mainland) directly from the manufacturer to your home.

If you decide that the fire you have chosen is not for you, then you have 14 days to return it (subject to Terms and Conditions). Additionally, all our products come with a manufacturer guarantee in case you are having issues with your new fire.