Portway Multifuel, Wood Burning And Gas Stoves

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Portway stoves are a fantastic choice for a fire installation. They are renowned for their amazing efficiency of up to 80%, which ensures that you get the absolute most from the stove. By heating your home with a stove rather than central heating, you can save money in the long run. Portway stoves are made from a combination of recycled materials, making them an environmentally friendly choice with a unique and unbeatable appearance.

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Portway Arundel Multifuel Stove

The Portway Arundel Multifuel stove has been developed with aesthetics, efficiency, and flexibility in mind. This robust steel bodied stove has modern looks with a large clear viewing window that will provide plenty of lively flames.

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 5kW
Portway Rochester 5 Multifuel Stove

The Portway Rochester 5 Multifuel stove (Rochester 5 Mk2 Multifuel) is an A+ rated high energy stove that is 81.3% efficient. It has petite proportions that are perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.9kW
Portway Rochester 7 Multifuel Stove

The Portway Rochester 7 Multifuel Stove is a modern-day classic crafted with high-quality castings. The stove door has a curved design and is fitted with a choice of cast-in trim available in Chrome or plain Black finish.

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 7kW (5kW using Reducing Bricks)
Portway Arundel XL Multifuel stove

The Portway Arundel XL Multifuel stove makes an instant impact with its striking extra-large viewing window, contemporary styling, and contrasting chrome handle. This hard-working steel bodied stove features a cast iron door and a log retaining bar that.

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 5.0kW
Portway Arundel XL Dedicated Wood stove

The Portway Arundel XL Wood Stove makes an instant impact with its striking extra-large viewing window, contemporary styling, and contrasting chrome handle. This hard-working steel bodied stove features a cast iron door and a log retaining bar that,

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 5.0kW
Portway Luxima Multifuel Stove

The Portway Luxima Multifuel stove is a tough steel bodied stove with a large warp-free cast iron door. The stylish door bevel design frames the viewing window offering a clear unobstructed view of the fuel bed area. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 5.0kW
Portway Luxima Wood Stove

The ultra stylish Portway Luxima wood burner stove is part of Portway range of dedicated wood burning stoves. Contemporary in design, the Luxima is however equally at home in any setting and benefits from a Portway 10 Year Guarantee.

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 5.0kW
Portway Luxima Gas Stove

The Portway Luxima Gemma Gas Stove is by far the most luxurious addition to our gas stoves collection. The log burning fuel effect delivers stunning realism and is set against a highly contrasting  

  • Control Type: Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.6kW-Rear Flue, 4.2kW-Vertical Flue.
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Portway log burners have high heat output, so if you are planning to install the fire in a large room, then this is a great choice for you. Multifuel stoves allow you to choose between natural or manufactured fuel. Wood burning stoves are traditional fires that burn wood only. These stoves are easy to use and install, and refuelling the fire is a straightforward process.

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing fire to warm you up on cold nights, add value to your home and create a special atmosphere, then Portway stoves are the best choice for you. Browse our range of products and discover the best Portway multifuel and wood-burning stoves from one of the top UK brands in the world, brought to you by Fires2U.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who invented Portway stoves?

Portway stoves were invented in the 1800s by Charles Portway, as he wanted to heat his ironmongery store, so he took inspiration from American metal stoves. As a result, he created his own original stove. The trend caught on and the brand has grown in popularity over the years. Wood burning stoves have been called a ‘slow but sure’ design as they are very efficient and slow burning. 

What makes Portway gas stoves special?

Portway stoves are a fantastic choice for a fire installation in your home. What sets these stoves apart from the rest is their efficiency, so you can get the most out of the fuel that you use. Portway fires also have an authentic appearance, so the flame looks real, but you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. Another thing that makes gas stoves special is the ease of use as these fires are controlled with a remote. 

Are Portway stoves worth the price?

Portway stoves are an investment you will not regret. Not only do they offer high efficiency, but they also add to the value of your home! In general, stoves can actually add up to 5% to the value of your home. 

Why should I buy a Portway multifuel stove?

  • High efficiency 

  • Aesthetically pleasing 

  • Stoves available for all budgets 

  • Manufacturer's Warranty of 10 years

  • Adds to the value of your home

What is your best-selling Portway stove?

One of our best-selling stoves is the Portway Arundel XL Multifuel Stove, which is an amazing choice for your home. It is the perfect combination of classic and modern, made from high-quality materials and has an extra-large viewing window. You will also get a 10 Year Guarantee with this stove, so rest assured this is a long-term investment.

Another fantastic option is Portway Rochester 5  Multifuel stove, which has a traditional yet beautiful design. If you want an authentic Portway log burner then this is the right choice for you. This is also available as a Portway multifuel stove

How long does it take for my Portway stove to arrive?

We aim to have all fires delivered to your door within approx. 2 weeks, however, it depends on stock availability and your location in the UK and often delivery is quicker. We will always keep you in the loop during the process and you will be contacted via phone to confirm a suitable delivery date as soon as your stove is ready for dispatch.