Balanced Flue Gas Stoves

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Even if your home doesn’t benefit from a chimney, you can still enjoy the amazing look and feel of balanced flue gas stoves. In order to fit these amazing fires, you need to fit a balanced flue pipe through your external wall. It shouldn’t be too much work in some homes, but it’s always best to consult a gas safe fitter before you decide on the best gas fire for you and your needs.

Once the flue pipe is fitted, your balanced flue gas stove will draw fresh air through one pipe while expelling fumes through the other.

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Elgin & Hall 16" Cast Stove Front Inset Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Experience the look and feel of a real stove with the Elgin & Hall Cast Stove front in Matt Black finish. This stove fixes directly onto Elgin & Hall balancd flue gas fire so you can experience 

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Smartslide
  • Heat Output (max): 3.3kW
Evolution Endure Balanced flue gas Stove

The British built Endure Balanced Flue gas stove is a sleek and stylish addition to the Evolution range. Enjoy the enviable 3.3kW heat output and admire the realistic flame effect. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 3.3kW
Evolution Balanced Flue Inset Gas Fire

Evolution Balanced Flue inset gas stove will alow you to still experience the look and feel of a real stove with the Cast Stove Front in Matt Black finish. Create a natural glowing centrepiece with excellent efficiency. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control or Smartslide
  • Heat Output (max): 3.3kW
DRU Circo Balanced Flue Gas Stove

Stock item - The DRU Circo balance flue stove is a hugely popular gas stove with its versatility of installation, high output and 80% efficiency, it fits in with the modern large open spaced living and dining areas.

  • Control Type: Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 7.0kW
DRU Polo Balanced Flue Gas Stove

Attractive three-sided, freestanding gas fire the new DRU Polo gas fire stove is an attractive three-sided, freestanding gas fire. The Polo has a good heatoutput, making it suitably efficient for well-insulated and areas.

  • Control Type: Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 4.1Kw
DRU Passo Eco Wave Balanced Flue Stove

This cool free-standing DRU Passo gas fire stove catches the eye thanks to its large round glass window and 180 degrees view of the fire. The flame patterns can be regulated by means of the integrated Eco Wave technology. 

  • Control Type: Remote control
  • Heat Output (max): 6.4kW
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At Fires2U, we offer a large range of balanced flue gas stoves that produce none of the ash or smoke that a real wood burner stove can, meaning less hassle and clean up with all the benefits. Balanced flue gas stoves are also extremely energy efficient, and we offer a range of products from top brands such as DRU, Evolution and Burley among others.

Looking for a balanced flue gas stove that can heat up larger spaces? The DRU Passo Eco Wave Balanced Flue Stove is a free-standing option that comes with a round glass window and a 180 degrees viewing angle. It also comes with eco wave technology and kicks out a massive maximum heat output of 6.4kW.

Buy balanced flue gas stoves with Fires2U today! We offer fires that suit a range of budgets and lifestyles, so check out our full range.