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A stunning focal point in any home, the Spartherm stoves are designed to be eye-catching with their innovative forms and impressive heat output. These fires are an investment for the home, and they’re worth every penny. 

Not only are the Spartherm stoves an excellent heat source for your home, but their distinct designs will make them stand out in any room. With all-glass designs and big windows, all eyes are drawn to the flickering flames. The fires are put front and centre, and the sleek lines of their surroundings only work to enhance this.

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Spartherm Ambiente A1 Stove

Spartherm Ambiente A1 Stove is a vision of delight. Ambiente is a range of modern, elegant high capacity wood stoves with open or closed combustion systems. Spartherm A1 stove is 1.2 metres high. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 7.7kW
Spartherm Ambiente A3 Stove

All round flair and luxury is the best way to desribe tje Spartherm Ambiente A3 Stove. Ambiente is a range of modern, elegant high capacity wood stoves with open or closed combustion systems.

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 7.7 kW
Spartherm Ambiente A6 Stove

The Spartherm Ambiente A6 Stove is a striking four-sided wood stove, that has the wow factor. Ambiente is a range of modern, elegant high capacity wood stoves with open or closed combustion systems.

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 7.7kW
Spartherm Ambiente A8 Stove

Spartherm Ambiente A8 Stove is a see-through stove with wood storage. Ambiente is a range of modern, elegant high capacity wood stoves with open or closed combustion systems. Spartherm A8 stove is a tunnel wood stove 

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 7.7kW
Spartherm Ambiente A7 Stove

With straight lines, impressive appearance the Spartherm A7 stove is designed perfectly to enhance the appearance of a modern home and is a imposing stove with wood storage. Ambiente is a range of modern. 

  • Control Type: Manual Control
  • Heat Output (max): 7.7kW
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The Birth of Spartherm Stoves

The story of Spartherm Stoves began in the 1980s when Gerhard Manfred Rokossa was tired of sparks flying from his open fire. To solve the problem, he positioned clinker bricks to guard the flames. Thus, the idea of a closed fireplace was born. It wasn’t long before a local fireplace builder scouted Gerhard’s ingenious design, making it ten times more efficient with a fireclay-lined sheet metal chamber and swivelling glass door. The viewing pane design slowly developed, and soon, the fire was contained entirely in a fire-resistant steel body.As more and more customers clamoured for this new design, Gerhard went independent. He established Spartherm Stoves in 1986 to innovate the fireplace industry beyond anything customers had seen before. Business continued to boom in the 90s when the manufacturing giants massively expanded their product lines. 

Unmatched Ambience and Sustainability

Alongside traditional Spartherm wood stoves, the company now stocked high-tech fireplace inserts, complete combustion chambers and compact units for homes across the globe. It’s hardly surprising that, in 2023, they are one of the leading names in fireplace manufacturing. Throughout their 30-year history, the company has expanded from two employees to a staggering workforce of over 1,000 people. They work day and night, producing over 50,000 modern, energy-saving units per year, So, what makes Spartherm wood stoves so appealing? Is it their eye-catching designs or the company’s commitment to sustainability? It’s both! Their stoves offer an ambience like no other: with tall closed combustion chambers and minimalist designs, any Spatherm unit is a welcome addition to your home. Customise your fire to suit your existing decor with a range of dazzling and exclusive finishes. 

Timeless Design and Efficient Performance with Spartherm's Eco-Friendly Approach

Watch your new Spartherm wood stove do its job through the crystal-clear viewing window, available in varying sizes. Some see-through stoves have a convenient log-storage area directly underneath the fire. With Spatherm, you can get the fire of your dreams and keep your living room tidy at the same time. The company’s innovative designers take the best of traditional wood stoves and re-invent them, creating timeless units that not only look good but work well. As leading fireplace manufacturers, Spartherm recognises their environmental responsibility and always acts accordingly. Their wood stoves guarantee optimally efficient combustion, giving you a constant heat supply and independence from energy suppliers. All Spartherm stoves, including those available at Fires2U, are manufactured in Europe using resource-conserving, wastage-reducing methods. Their careful production and eco-friendly mechanics mean that all Spartherm stoves comply with the emission control law (BImSchV), one of Europe's strictest environmental laws for wood fires.