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0151 525 9980 or 0844 800 8351 during 10am - 4.30pm Monday thru to Friday and
11am - 3pm on a Saturday, our office is closed on Sundays only.

We always advise customers to speak a Gas safe fitter before purchasing any gas product from our website to make sure it will be suitable for your homes individual needs. We can email you the installation information of any of our products before you purchase by contacting us on and state the manufacture and name of the product within the email.

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Manufactures Contact Details
Baxi and Valor
Baxi or Valor website
General enquiries0844 879 3588

Be Modern
Be Modern website
General enquiries – 0191 489 8006

Broseley Fires
Broseley Fires website
General enquiries – 0191 489 8006

Burley Fires
Burley Fires website
General enquiries - 01572 756 956

Cast Tec
Cast Tec website
General enquiries -  0191 497 4280

Celsi Fires
Celsi fires website
General enquiries – 01782 339 000

Crystal Fires
Crystal fires website
General enquiries – 0151 521 3222

Dik Geurts Stoves
Dik Geurts website
General enquiries – 0161 793 8700

Dimplex website
General enquiries0844 879 3588

DRU Gas Fire and Stove Website
DRU Installation information Website
To view DRU gas fires on live display click on this tab!
General enquiries – 0161 793 8700

Ebios-Fire website
General enquiries- 0161 793 8700

EkoFires website
General enquiries- 0120 258 8638

Evolution stoves
Evolution website
General enquiries- 0191 489 8006

Flamerite Fires
Flamerite Fires website
General enquiries- 01543 251 122

Flavel Fires
Flavel Fires website
Customer Care Department - 01782 339 000

Gallery website
General enquiries – 01204 868 550

Kinder Fires
Kinder Fires website
General enquiries – 0178 233 9000

Michael Miller The Collection
Michael Miller website
General enquiries – 
01782 339 000

Portway Stoves
Portway website
General enquiries –
01782 339 000

Pure Glow

Pure Glow website
General enquiries – 01384 893 060

Robinson Willey
Robinson Willey website
General enquiries – 0844 879 3587

Spartherm Stoves
Spartherm Stoves website
General enquiries – 0161 793 8700

Valor website
General enquiries0844 879 3588

Verines website
General enquiries– 01782 33 9000


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