Flueless Gas Fires

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*Special offer options - natural gas and just one in stock* The eko 5020 flueless gas fires is built on the popular 23m3 portrait platform. Simply turn the polished aluminium control knob and the pilot will ignite positively. Continue to rotate, and

The EkoFire 5010 flueless gas fire is creative, has originality and its technology combine to create a truly unique expression of style and personality tailored to suit your individuality in your home.

Eko fires 5020 Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fire
The EkoFire 5020 flueless gas fire is designed for contemporary living. A stylish Flueless fire delivering an impressive heat performance you won't want to live without.

Eko fIres 5030 Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fire
Stock Item-The EkoFire 5030 flueless gas fire has a sophisticated design tailored to suit a more traditional living space. Warming brass tones frame the simple and tasteful flame picture. The EkoFire 5030 flueless fire has all the benefits of a 100%

Eko fires 5050 Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fire
The EkoFire 5050 flueless gas fire has clean lines with a sense of balance and simplicity ensure the landscape proportions sit in harmony with any living space. The EkoFire 5050 flueless fire is designed to

Eko fires 5060 Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fire
The EkoFire 5060 Flueless gas fire has a contemporary Elegance, inspired beauty and an impressive high quality performance designed to complement a modern lifestyle. Based on the flexible 23m3 landscape platform the EkoFire 5060 Flueless gas fir

Eko fires 5070 Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fire
Crisp, clean lines reflect the Eko 5070 flueless fire, simple modern aesthetic. The eko 5070 flueless gas fire creates a stunning feature In any environment.

Eko Fires 5510  Flueless Inset Gas Fire
Modern clean lines or traditional elegance. The classic appeal of the flueless inset fire provides a combination of benefits from our modern catalytic technology. The eko 5510 flueless gas fire features all the benefits of the inset flueless engine;

Eko fires 5530 Inset Flueless Gas Fire
The EkoFire 5530 is an innovative flueless gas fire with exceptional performance and stricking good looks. Todays modern fire offers increased benefits to create a magical ambience.The confident bold lines of the EkoFire 5530 f

Burley Environ 4240 Flueless Inset Gas fire
The Burley Environ 4240 is a flueless fire so no chimney or flue dont worry! This Flueless gas inset product has a heat output 2.5kW and is a 100% efficient The Burley Environ 4240 has a Realistic Coal fuel effect and comes standard with Manual

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