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Dru Wood Burning and Multifuel Stoves

DRU 78 CB Wood Burning Stove

£1835.00 (Price includes VAT & Delivery)

The biggest model in the DRU range of cast iron stoves, the DRU 78 stove is offered as a 'Clean Burning' dedicated woodburner or a 'MF' multi-fuel. This powerhouse of a stove. 

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Product Description

The biggest model in DRU fire cast iron stoves, is the DRU 78 stove is offered as a 'Clean Burning' stove. This powerhouse of a stove is capable of producing up to a maximum 13kW of heat and the high quality, cast construction is ideal for extensive use

Designed for spacious properties, such as rural farm houses and expansive open-plan living. Made from the toughest Norwegian cast iron and are designed to resist Scandinavian winters, when the stove burns all day long

DRU cast iron stoves comply with the strictest European quality and safety standards. They also have an efficiency rating of over 75%, with most fumes being dispersed thanks to their stoves’ airflow system

Designed in the classic form, with a large glass window that gives outstanding views of the fire. This is boosted by an ‘air curtain’ that keeps the glass clean

The chimney can be coupled to the top or rear of the stove, whilst a heat shield at the back protects the wall from staining

The DRU78 CB can accept large, 23” logs. A funnel is provided to channel fuel to the combustion chamber. It burns slowly and steadily and can be regulated with an adjustable thermostat.  Boasting a unique 'Triple Burning Process' for the highest of efficiency.


height 790mm

width 765mm

depth 590mm

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