Cast Tec Fireplaces Agnews Premier / Integra Casts

The Cast Tec Vulcan 8 multifuel stove is similar in design to its sister, the Juno 5 stove, however, it is deeper in size, enabling it to produce more heat for those requiring a higher output. This Cast Tec stove boasts a very wide screen on the door allowing for a maximum viewing area.A multi-fuel grate enables the burning of seasoned wood and smokeless fuels. The Cast Tec Vulcan multifuel stove also benefits from triple burn technology consisting of Primary Air Burn (control on door), Airwash Secondary Burn (lever above door) and Tertiary Air with inlets inside the rear of the stove (this system mixes pre-heated air with exhaust gases allowing the exhaust gas to re-ignite producing a cleaner and more efficient stove).

This multifuel stove is Defra approved allowing you to burn wood even in smokeless areas. It produces up too 8kW heat output and is up to 79% efficient.

This stove weighs approx 81kg and has Top Flue Rear (150m)

The installation information for this stove can be found by clicking here


Manufacturer:   Cast Tec Fireplaces Agnews Premier / Integra Casts 
Product Type:   Stoves
Wood Burning Stoves 
Product Style:   Stove
Suitable for Class 1 Flues 
Efficiency:   78.6% 
Heat Output (max):   up too 8.0kW 
Installation:   12 months 

Step 1: Choose Option - Free Option
1 Metre Of Flue Pipe
Flue Pipe Not Needed


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